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Principles for Success

There are some overarching principles within which context it is possible to define the characteristics and practices that the most successful people share.

1. Take 100% responsibility for the life YOU lead and the results YOU produce. It's easy to blame outside forces, market conditions, the economy, the competition, the company systems or even your colleagues and management. Don't complain your ship has not come in if you're not prepared to swim out and meet it.

2. Decide what YOU really want. People without goals end up working for people with goals. What is your breakthrough goal? Less than 10% of people have written personal goals.

3. Visualise the daily outcomes you want to achieve to make your goals happen. Think about what you will do driving into work and review last thing at night.

4. Commit to success. How can I improve results and outcomes? Make decisions about your life, and implement them. Do more, Think more. Cut 30 minutes from your TV schedule.

5. Take action! Do it, what is holding you back; there are too many reasons not to do things - if you let them. What are the MUST Dos? Doing nothing is not an option for success.

6. Always exceed expectations. Keep promises made, to others and yourself. Don't settle for second best.

7. Ask for feedback on your performance. Don't be afraid to solicit a response or be offended by what you hear. View as constructive criticism that is simply corrective. Review your goals. Ask your self on a scale of 1 - 10, how well have I done? What would make it a perfect 10?

8. Do the right things, all the time. Underperformance is an inevitable function of activity. Activity levels are either too low, not of the required quality, not balanced or misdirected. Ask yourself, “What should I be doing?”

By taking responsibility and deciding what you want then setting goals, visualising outcomes, taking action and keeping promises, and then reviewing the results achieved against the plan we are in a virtuous circle that starts and ends with success.

At Mannering Styles we work with our candidates to hone and support their aspirations. We look for environments and cultures that will allow them to flourish and realise their Goals.

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