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Irrespective of the economic cycle there are always opportunities for the best people. Those people with a quantifiable, positive business impact and a track record of delivery.

When times are good and confidence is high in a burgeoning market the dynamics of supply and demand ensure that clients pay a premium for their staffing solutions.

Of course, when the market turns, one of the first areas to be put on hold is recruitment. Every business has to manage its cost base, and for many that can mean down-sizing and redundancies.

However, that being said, there are still opportunities – but only for the very best candidates. In fact, it's when the market is tough that the key business impactors, the business builders and relationship influencers are in highest demand from savvy businesses.

It's a realisation that irrespective of conditions it's about winning and protecting market share and distilling a competitive advantage, and that takes a special talent.

These are the employees that have been retained despite the down turn. Often these individuals have even seen their incomes rise. Why? Quite simply because they make a difference.

Indeed, whatever the market condition it's always a false economy not to invest in true talent that will grow and develop business. What ultimately makes this compelling argument irrefutable however is this:

So confident are we in the quality and business impact of our candidates that we offer up to a 12 month 100% rebate guarantee in the event that the individuals we introduce do not deliver the business impact promised.

To further ensure that they do, we additionally support all our placed candidates with a 12 month mentoring and support programme.

If they're not working for you…

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