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Do you really know who you are trusting to attract the top talent to your business?

Finessing something as fundamentally important as the relationship between a client and a candidate requires skill, empathy, honesty, insight and a great deal of individual attention. That's why, for both client and candidate, Mannering Styles offers an unparalleled commitment of time and energy that ultimately forms the bedrock of strong working relationship and a successful long term partnership.

“Judge a person by the company they keep”

We believe that the very best candidates are as selective about the organisations they will work for as the roles they seek. By association any recruitment partner will materially influence a candidate's perception of your business based upon the service they provide on your behalf.

At Mannering Styles, we differentiate our business via the calibre of those individuals we represent. Of course Recruitment is not a science. We cannot take someone through a process, irrespective of its rigor, and say with 100% certainty, “you will be successful in this role”.

We can however mitigate the risks. In order to validate our candidates business impact we insist on a minimum of two in depth “off the record” conversations with high level sponsors for whom they have previously delivered excellence to qualify exactly their pedigree and execution credentials. For those candidates who genuinely sit within the top 10% this rarely proves an issue.

This partnered approach to creating long term value is embedded within an innovative solutions led environment, underpinned by a robust & measurable quality driven process.

We know that the very best people and organisations share two key differentiators:

They each have a clear idea of who they are.

They each have a clear idea of where they want to go.

Our ethos remains constant.

To be regarded as specialists within our core markets, providing a collaborative, solutions led approach to recruitment which creates competitive advantage and which is underpinned by the exclusivity and demonstrable quality of the candidates we represent.

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