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Ultimately, whilst both are important, we believe that character (what a person or organisation IS), is more critical than competence (what they can DO). Competence without integrity is worthless.

Character is foundational, and we will only truly add tangible, sustainable value to our clients and candidates by focusing first on matching principles, then aspirations and then skills.

The corollary is also true. Without understanding the forming principles and long term strategic aims of our clients we cannot hope to offer anything more than a transactional service, shallowly rooted in the thin soil of the middle ground between their job specification and the candidates CV.

Faced with the toughest global economic conditions for a generation, clients and candidates must work harder than ever before to ensure that their value system sits at the heart of their recruitment strategy.

Those individuals and organisations that are truly passionate about adding value, and who truly understand how to deliver will continue to enjoy significant competitive advantages that will ensure their services are always highly sought after.

Mannering Styles is committed to identifying those candidates who enable these advantages for our clients.

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