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Faced with global economic challenges, fierce competition and an internet led technology revolution, candidates must work harder than ever before to ensure that their value system sits at the heart of their career strategy.

At Mannering Styles we focus on you as an individual with aspirations and expectations, not as a commodity with transferable skills.

We work in partnership with you to ensure we not only gain an in depth appreciation of your principles, skills and experiences, but critically understand who you really are, and where you want to go in your career.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance. We never reveal the identity, nor divulge material facts about any candidate to any 3rd party without your explicit permission.

We are as committed to your career as you are. The closer our relationship, the more intimate our communication, the more likely we are to succeed in creating true synergy and finessing your next career move.

Most searches evolve through a process of refinement and redefinition. Nothing can jeopardise a successful career move like an unclear evaluation of the recruitment process. Things emerge that were not part of the original brief, personality issues become clear, new dynamics evolve.

As this natural process unfolds we communicate honestly with you to keep you informed & to understand how this is affecting your thinking.

We will help you to crystallise your thinking, be clear about your expectations and proffer realistic opinion on the value of the remuneration package on offer. We have insight of what the market will bear and how chemistry and environment within different organisational cultures will impact.

Our commitment to you does not end there. In order to fully support you in the critical first 12 months in situ, we provide a tailored mentoring and motivational programme delivered by industry leading independent coaches.

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